Lift Off Film festival has been a success for six years and this year, the festival organisers have decided to make a move from Liverpool into Manchester. Photo credit: Shafia Begum Co-founders James Bradley and Ben Pohlman said that the decision to move the festival into Manchester was a “business decision,  a cultural decision and a film […]

I turn nineteen in July and I would like to make a “tiny” bucket list of what I want to do before my birthday so here it is. Last year, I was able to take part in three different charity run’s (well I say run but really I mostly just walk/run/walked). This year I have […]

Hi guys, I was supposed to be posting my video log up for this, this afternoon but I’ve not been able to upload it to Youtube because of technology (hOW BRILLIANT!). Instead, I’m typing it up on a blog post so I don’t miss it and it’s a better solution than having nothing! I asked people […]

So I have always gone on and on about going into Ask Italian but somehow I have never actually gone in (until now).  As someone who eats out very often, most of the time being the same places, it was nice to try something different but sort of the same food. The Ask Italian menu […]

Hello all, My first year at University is now coming to a close; I have about two more weeks left then exam period comes along and after that I am officially finished. It has flown by so quickly and though I have been stressed a few times over the year, I’ve survived (well, it’s not […]

Hello! So my first Youtube video has gone live now and this is just a follow up to it. Though the video highlights the method of how the “pizza” was made, I did not put up the recipe so here it is (along with the video). Ingredients for the sauce – 1 tea spoon 1 onions 1 […]

Hello all, I have finally decided to begin video logging as well as blogging. It’s taken me a while to decide whether or not to join the whole Youtube thing but I’ve finally convinced myself that it’s better to try out something new than never trying at all. My first Youtube video will be going […]

We all love a bit of music on a Sunday morning especially on those sunny mornings when you’re making breakfast and the windows are open with the wind coming in. (We don’t get many of those sunny Sunday mornings though do we?). I have created a Spotify playlist which includes some of my favourite tunes […]