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Collection of Travel Photographs.

So on my 19 things to do before I turn 19, I aimed to travel to three places outside Manchester. So far it has been Liverpool and Leeds. They have both been absolutely brilliant and here are some photographs of my favourite memories from travelling to both.      

World Baking Day: I bake without measuring my ingredients!

Though this blog post will go up after World Baking Day, when I’m typing it up it’ll be World Baking Day so I’ll type in present tense pretending like today is the day. To celebrate, I decided to take on this challenge and see how I get on. Now I am not a very good […]

The Magic Notepad

Supercalifajilisticshfhdohvohvoho, well hello there! I’ve started with gibberish because it’s a great way to start a long winded post like this so sit on yeh bike and have a read. I’m just going to go straight in with my words of wisdom.  So many of us go through phases of our lives where we think […]

Ask Away Your Questions…

Hi guys, I was supposed to be posting my video log up for this, this afternoon but I’ve not been able to upload it to Youtube because of technology (hOW BRILLIANT!). Instead, I’m typing it up on a blog post so I don’t miss it and it’s a better solution than having nothing! I asked people […]

My First Ask Italian.

So I have always gone on and on about going into Ask Italian but somehow I have never actually gone in (until now).  As someone who eats out very often, most of the time being the same places, it was nice to try something different but sort of the same food. The Ask Italian menu […]

Surviving deadlines at University.

Hello all, My first year at University is now coming to a close; I have about two more weeks left then exam period comes along and after that I am officially finished. It has flown by so quickly and though I have been stressed a few times over the year, I’ve survived (well, it’s not […]

Sunday Morning Spotify Playlist.

We all love a bit of music on a Sunday morning especially on those sunny mornings when you’re making breakfast and the windows are open with the wind coming in. (We don’t get many of those sunny Sunday mornings though do we?). I have created a Spotify playlist which includes some of my favourite tunes […]