Category Plans for 2017

Collection of Travel Photographs.

So on my 19 things to do before I turn 19, I aimed to travel to three places outside Manchester. So far it has been Liverpool and Leeds. They have both been absolutely brilliant and here are some photographs of my favourite memories from travelling to both.      

I’m watching Spring Reign tonight!

Hi all, I know I’ve not updated my blog recently, with Ramadan I’ve been very busy and unable to post as much as I’ve wanted to. However, I booked tickets to watch a play tonight and actually I’m really excited. The play, Spring Reign, directed by Benedict Power and scripted by award winning writer Rob […]

19 Things to do before I’m 19.

I turn nineteen in July and I would like to make a “tiny” bucket list of what I want to do before my birthday so here it is. Last year, I was able to take part in three different charity run’s (well I say run but really I mostly just walk/run/walked). This year I have […]